Marketing’s Need for Objectives

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Secret SauceINCREASE SALES…the top goal for most companies.  Now, that’s a great goal for the sales department.  However, when working with the marketing department, you need to make sure they have the creative license to establish objectives in reaching these goals.  Seems pretty simple, doesn’t it?  However, the way those business goals translate into objectives, specifically with marketing, is the secret sauce that ultimately determines whether you succeed or blow another budget on creativity.

Turning Goals into Objectives

First and foremost, make sure you provide Marketing with the sales goals.  Without translating that purpose into actionable marketing objectives that align the product attributes, brand assets and user needs, Marketing will most likely end up producing catchy taglines that message the benefits of the product or how to use it.

Meanwhile, the what, why and who have vanished into the interdepartmental abyss, leaving the business and consumer at the mercy of Marketing’s creative interpretation of best sellers.

Instead, at this critical stage, marketing teams need to formulate actionable objectives and working strategies in cooperation with those who set the goals, make the product and know the target audience.

If you had to create cooperation between everybody, start by stating the sentence that comprises these three phases:

  • In order to (insert objective)
  • We will (define a strategy)
  • By (list creative tactics that solve the problem)

For example, if goal is to increase sales, an objective may be to drive performance of your best target customer while in the consideration state.  The marketing team comes to this objective by conducting their research, identifying the best target audience and recognizing how target customers research products.

Now, drop those elements into the framework above you and you get: “In order to drive preference with suburban sale chasers during the consideration phase, we will activate the online voice of existing customers by creating a game that requires multiple reviews on Facebook and Yelp and that focuses on the reliability of the product.”

Voila! Now that’s a different answer than…”more marketing, more marketing.”  More marketing doesn’t necessarily mean you will increase sales.  More marketing means you need to research the proper channels and choose the appropriate strategies for your objectives.  For many, social media and online strategies will be utilized.  However, for some, that is still not the case on reaching the target audience.  Figuring out the secret sauce is key to your success! 

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