Social Selling 101

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I bet only a few of you have heard the term “Social Selling,” however, I’m willing to bet that most of you can figure out what it refers to.  The beauty of social media is that it is essentially free!  The ugly of social media is that it is essentially free!  It’s watered down.  Spam flows everywhere.  Images and appearances can take a turn for the worse in a matter of seconds.  Why in the world do I love it so much? 

When done properly, social media can enhance a brand’s image, get important news out to the masses, provide an amazing referral tool, etc.  We discuss proper social media and its effectiveness on a regular basis, but the one topic that typically gets blood pumping is how to effectively sell our products on it!  We see some companies post the exact same thing weekly…”We have 2 spots left for this amazing deal.  Call us to schedule your appointment.”  I think we all know they are using a scare tactic to convince you to make a decision NOW!  So, if I call next week, and 2 people already called, are you saying I can’t book an appointment?  As I also see the same post every week, I know where this really fun “hide” button is on FB.  Wait…better yet…I know where the “unlike” button is!


Social selling can be done properly, without being annoying and guiding fans to the hide or unlike click.  Your social media pages are general interest pages.  When somebody likes our marketing agency’s page, they are most likely a person that hires out for marketing services, or finds the general topic to be interesting and want tips.  Tips can come in the form of blog posts, just social media posts, or in images.  Our clients like to see what other projects we are working on to get ideas of what we can do for them.  You will not find our social media posts telling people to buy from us!  We are building trust as experts in the industry and putting our best foot forward, but we are not posting sales pitches.  When you like a caramel company’s page, you probably are a person with a HUGE sweet tooth, a person that likes to host parties and get gift or entertaining ideas, or a person who simply loves the product and wants to know updates.  Posting every week about what to buy will not be effective.  It will be for a handful of people, but think of your larger picture.  Wouldn’t you rather be on the tip of the tongue of many possible customers, versus just be liked and stay in touch with the handful looking at what you want them to buy each week? 

At all times, you need to stay in touch with your clients and prospects, but when they are ready to buy…they will.  The key to social selling is SOCIAL!  NOT selling!  Fans like pages for things they want in the future at some point.  If you pull out the hard core sales pitch in every post you make, they will shy away from you and be afraid to schedule an appointment.  Nobody likes to be hard pressured into a sale.  Instead, become their friend.  Identify with what your audience likes, listen to them, engage with them.  When the time is right, you’ll be the first company they call for a sales pitch because they look at you as their respectful expert versus a hard pressure salesman.

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