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Oh the Places You’ll Go!

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A couple weeks ago, I was asked by a friend to help her son’s cub scout den earn their art badges. An art badge to me means “artist” and for some reason I barely even think of myself as an artist.  I create everything on a computer, so I couldn’t possibly be an artist.  Wow…where has my open mind gone?  I was asked to talk to the boys about careers in art.  After I got my open mind back, I had no problems thinking about careers in art.  I actually had a problem stopping the list!  We talked about a typical paint artist, book illustrators, graphic artists (me!), interior designers, architects, how chefs truly use artistic ability to design plates of food, and how basically everything you see was created by an artist in one way or another.  Oh, and as they were 9 year old boys, we had to talk about video game designers, of course!

Cub Scout LetterI’ve spoke to many organizations about marketing and websites, but this is my very first time with 9 year old kids.  It was truly an honor to see such amazing gentlemen being raised.  This boys were polite and respectful, which is more than we can say about most adults watching speakers…you know who you are! Needless to say, I’m proud to know that children are learning about different career paths at such a young age, and I’m proud to know we are going to have some amazing gentlemen in our future.  Way to go parents!

VMD Chili in Paradise WINS!

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Originally written November 2010: Yep, you heard it…WE WON!  OK, so we didn’t win for the best chili, but Visionary Marketing’s Chili in Paradise booth took 1st place in the Best Decorated Booth category.  For a marketing agency, I feel like we won gold in the Olympics! 

Each year, the Allen Rotary Club hosts the Allen Chili Cook-off in October or November.  All proceeds go through the Rotary Club to some great local charities.  I’ve had the privilege of being a Rotarian for a few years, and I started in this amazing club.  Come to think of it…I got this event up and running for its first year in 2009.  I’ve moved to a Plano club, but couldn’t be prouder of this one for the amazing job they do with such a great event for the community. 

Kale and I are huge Jimmy Buffet fans, so how could we not go with this theme for our booth.  Last year, we only took 2nd place, but we decided to spruce it up a little to take home the Gold!  Yes, the margarita bottle was new this year.  No way, was I coming in second twice!  If it takes a large margarita bottle to  win, then I’m game.  If it takes a full service bar in my booth next year, I’m game with that too!  Cheers to the VMD team for putting this together, and cheers to everyone else who participates in their local community!

Visionary Marketing Chili in Paradise