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All of the functionality you need garnished with visual appeal you dream of.

Before entering a meeting, your customers have most likely already researched your company.  Why not flatter them with an attractive, informative, user-friendly website that showcases your best side.  Better yet, why not make it user-friendly for your company’s talents and needs? At Visionary Marketing, we have just the solution you need with one of our vast online marketing options.  All companies don’t have the same needs when it comes to website design and functionality.  All companies don’t have the same needs when it comes to search engine marketing.  Let us talk to you about your needs, answer any questions you have and put together that proposal that helps you in your online branding efforts.  Let’s get you some unsolicited business and let your website sell for you!

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Too often, a website is seen as a one-time project that is launched, then neglected until someone remembers to do something with it. It should be an ongoing, evolving entity that is an integral part of your business. As such, how a website development project is approached needs to take into account not only technical factors, but strategic business considerations as well.

Anyone can learn programming or write code, but how many can draw on their experience to know which tactics actually work, which don’t and why? We don’t advocate for one product or platform, since we believe the right technology solution is the one that can be effectively adapted to meet your needs; not the one that limits you or tries to force you into a rigid box.

Visionary Marketing and Design Online Services include:

Why Should I Hire a Website Design Professional?

We all know someone who designs websites as a hobby – your nephew, a friend, a co-worker.  This also explains why there are so many poorly designed websites with broken functionality. Let’s say you hire your nephew or an employee’s relative who “creates websites in his spare time.” The result: Your website does not have the professional look and proper functionality you need and desire.  You were too nice to critique him too closely, and now, you have no control, and have spent part of your website budget.  Almost half of our clients have had this situation happen to them, and they now spent more than their original budget to fix what went wrong.