E-mail Marketing Campaigns

E-mail marketing can be a tricky matter.  Sure, it sounds easy, but creating content that speaks to your audience and accomplishes a task is harder than you think.  You know what you want to hear about.  What do your prospects and clients want to hear about?  Everybody is sending out e-mail marketing campaigns…what will make them open YOUR e-mail month after month? 

Your biggest hurdle to a successful e-mail marketing campaign is getting started.  You need to start this campaign like any other marketing campaign. 

  • What are your objectives?
  • What promotions and topics need discussed at different times through the year?
  • How often should you send out e-mails, and how should you brand them?

Before starting your first e-mail, make sure you have those answers ready.  Now, put yourself in your customers’ shoes…not your own.  You will easily notice that sales aren’t the only thing you want to hear about.  What topics would you like to hear about from an expert?  Make sure you don’t just focus on sales, sales, sales!  That will easily make your campaign a spam campaign, and one of the first ones to be opted-out of. 

What brand image do you want to convey?  Your corporate image, or a fun, etchy e-mail one?  You can keep your branding strong by changing it up a bit for e-mail.  Once again, this goes into what the customers want to see, not necessarily what you portray on an everyday basis. 

And finally, get your list started.  Is it one-size-fits-all?  NO!  You may have a slight different message to your prospects from your customers.  Make sure you categorize your lists as much as possible for the right content going to the right people.  Being in your customer’s shoes versus your prospect’s shoes could give you complete different needs in paying attention.  When we meet with you about your E-mail Marketing, the first thing we will ask you about is what you want to accomplish, and we’ll start to look into how your lists should be divided.  Make sure you pay attention to this important step from the beginning of your planning for a successful campaign.

E-mail Marketing