Search Engine Marketing

So you have a website, but aren’t attracting new customers from it.  That’s a problem!  Search Engine Marketing improves a website’s placement on search engines.  Using methods that search engines employ to rank a page, a search engine optimization company can make your website appear on the very first or second page of a search engine’s listings for relevant keywords.  Search engine marketing combines processes, features, additions and ongoing changes to a website in order to achieve top rankings in the major search engines.  Google, Yahoo!, MSN, Bing and Ask all look for different ranking criteria, but if done right, you’ll experience business growth beyond your wildest dreams!

Print marketing can cost a company a fortune every month.  The problem with print and radio marketing is that when you stop paying each month, your results drop off immediately.  Search Engine Marketing, however, if done right, can cost your company a fraction of your old monthly marketing budget and can give you extremely higher results.

Pay-Per-Click versus Search Engine Optimization


You have probably noticed the “Sponsored Links” on the top and sides of your search engine results.  These results cost the advertiser every time somebody clicks on their link.  This is the pay-per-click campaign that can be utilized for immediate results.  We consider this form of optimization search engine advertising.  Each company needs to know how much a qualified lead is worth to determine how effective this form of advertising is.

Organic (Natural) Search Engine Optimization

Organic search engine optimization (SEO) takes a little more time, but in the long run, it typically costs less than a pay-per-click campaign.  Organic optimization comprises of properly building and updating the websites for the search engine to find on its own.  Companies do not get billed each time the link is clicked; however, they incur a monthly evaluation and service fee.  SEO is a process that is done monthly, and can increase your sales drastically with it being done properly.  Here’s just a sample of the process that is involved.  To learn more about all of your Search Engine Marketing options, and which one is best for you, contact us today.